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The Evolution of Louis CK

Louis CK is one of the funniest comedians of all time, and his popularity is at an all-time high for sure. This interesting video displays the evolution, or growth, of Louis C.K.'s comedy. Can you believe that Louis CK had hair at one time?

Dr. Seuss vs. William Shakespeare - Hidden Meaning

Just about everyone has seen the viral video that is "Dr Seuss VS Shakespeare. Epic Rap Battles of History #12." At first glance, it's a silly romp designed to hold the attention of "Average Joe" YouTube surfers like so many other online videos. These seemingly formulaic videos are mostly designed to garner huge views, and thus, big-time ad revenue.

But I contend that this particular video is actually serving a dual-purpose.  There is a totally hidden narative running through this video that's easy to miss if you're not paying attention.


Interview of a Self Made Millionaire

Charles Gordon is one of those quintessential rags-to-riches success stories. This one-time homeless vagabond has managed to carve out a $50 Million empire in music and real estate.

Bob Knight Chair Throwing a College Hoops Classic

Bob Knight is known for his temper, and no one moment in Bobby Knight's career is better remembered than the "chair-throwing" incident. The Hoosiers had racked up 6 personal fouls in the first five minutes of the game, and Knight's rage against the refs boiled over. After complaining bitterly about the excessive foul calling, Bob Knight received a technical foul, after which all hell broke loose and he hurled a chair across the floor.

If you haven't seen this video, you must take a look. It's a college hoops classic.

Man Survives in Uninhabited Alaskan Wilderness for Over 30 Years

WTF?! This amazing man survived in the remote Alaskan wilderness for over 30 years. This is the type of guy who could live totally self-sufficiently in almost any setting.

BBC Series Features Millionaire Trader Teaching Novices to Trade Successfully

Hedge fund manager Lex Van Dam has his hands full as he tries to teach ordinary people to become successful traders. This BBC series is quite interesting because none of the traders has any trading experience or financial knowledge, but they all trade as though they did. The results are terrifying, both financially and emotionally. So, can a millionaire trader teach absolute novices how to make money in the markets?

Mike Tyson First Round Knockouts

Mike Tyson was the most feared heavyweight boxer of all time. This video reel of first round knockouts by Mike Tyson shows why Tyson was the pound-for-pound best puncher in boxing. You simply must see this video to believe it.

Very Rare - Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali Share the Stage

No one can argue that Muhammad Ali outclasses Mike Tyson out of the ring (and likely inside the right too). But you have to take note when the two of them are together.

This rare video of the Arsenio Hall show captured Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali on the same stage together - to that point the only time the two had shared time on screen. 

Warren Buffett on Giving Away His Fortune

Warren Buffett is the most successful investor that ever lived. Famous for his rare mix of shrewd business sense and legendary frugality, Buffett has fascinated the American public for years. Giving away the second largest fortune in history seems somehow "un-american," but that's exactly what Warren Buffett plans to do.

Herman Edwards Speech to NFL Rookies

Herman Edwards is one of the most inspirational speakers in the NFL. It's hard not to feel motivated when you hear him speak.