Are American Schools Hurting Our Children?

John Taylor Gatto explains in this video that American schools might not be the best form of "education" for our children. Gatto states that "School is a form of adoption. You give your kid away in his most plastic years to a group of strangers." Could it be that American schooling is not really about "education," but rather "indoctrination?"

John Taylor Gatto Video Partial Transcript:

Schooling is a form of adoption.  You give your kid away at his or her most plastic years to a group of strangers.  You accept a promise, sometimes stated but more often implied, that the state, through its agents, knows better how to raise your children and educate them, than you, your neighbors, your grandparents and your local traditions do.

And that your kid will be better off, so send him up for addoption.  So by the time the child returns to the family, or they have the option of doing that, very few want to. Their parents are some form of friendly stranger to them.  And why not?  In the key hours of growing up, strangers have reared the child.

Let's look at the individual teachers.  Regaurdless of our feeling for the child, regardless of our individual talents or intelligence, we have so little time each day with each of our students, that we can't possibly know enough vital information about that particular kid to tailor a set of academic excercises to that kid. Sure some of us will try more than others, but there simply isn't enough time to devote to each kid.

So what we do as teachers is we accept the state's prescription that's written in manuals.  You do this first, then you do that.  And the way the state checks on whether you followed that diet is through standardized tests given at intervals. If your kids do badly, it does not mean that they are bad readers or anything else.  It means they haven't been obedient to the drills the state set down.

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